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The lease on Rose Cottage and its land expired in 2011 and as a consequence the Riding School is closed until further notice.

We have enjoyed a wonderful time at these premises and are grateful to all our customers for their loyalty and support during all the years that we have been here.

Thank you for coming to visit our web site.  
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Rose Cottage just outside Malin Town, Co Donegal


Our web site is being retained and kept partially active whilst we are closed.  It will give access to all of our main pages, it will include updates from time to time regarding the welfare of our horses, donkeys and dogs and it will give information about us.  However our web pages are not all being changed to reflect the closure so do please read them with that in mind.

We have arranged for several of our horses to be placed on loan, many more are with us on our newly leased farmland and a few will be sold on to vetted customers.  Keep coming back here to see how we are all coming along.

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