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[NB: Following expiry of its lease, Rose Cottage Riding School is closed until further notice and this website is no longer regularly maintained]
Just see what our customers have enjoyed doing...

Riding lessons, Jumping lessons, Beach rides, Schooling horses, Showing and winning prizes and rosettes, Charity hacks, Gymkhanas, Fun days at Halloween, Christmas and on St. Patrick's Day, Our Pony Group for younger riders, Visits to other horse establishments, Overcoming riding nerves, Having your own horse kept at Livery, Getting AIRE qualifications and even using one of our horses to take you to the church to get married!

These are just the start of the Rose Cottage riding experience.
Why not scroll down this page and visit our other pages to see some of the things our customers and we, get up to!

We are Filte Ireland and AIRE approved and we think we offer the best riding experience
in the Malin area for children, adults, novices and experienced riders.

Why not come and try Rose Cottage Riding School and have some of the same fun too?...


To speed up the time to open this page we have split it into seasons. The 2009-2010 season's articles are on this page, for earlier season's articles click  2007 or 2008



Halloween 2010 - Here are some pictures taken when the Rose Cottage Riding School Halloween ride came into Malin.  Pictures courtesy of Liam who happened to be there and with camera at the time.  Thank you Liam....



"Let me win but if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt". That's the 'oath' taken by the athletes chosen to attend the Special Olympics, Ireland 2010, held this time in Limerick. [More information here]
We are so proud to report that Rose Cottage Rider Sarah Brophy was not only one of the competitors at this year's event and the youngest in her division, but that she won GOLD too!!!  A really wonderful achievement.  Congratulations Sarah!

Here are some pictures from the event.


More Information:

 Special Olympics Ireland is a sports organisation for people with an intellectual disability, but it provides athletes with far more than the physical benefits of sport. Special Olympics changes lives. Through sport, athletes develop both physically and emotionally, they make new friends, realise their dreams, and know they can fit in. Special Olympics Ireland enables our athletes to achieve and win not only in sport but in life too. Special Olympics Ireland currently has: 11,000 registered athletes participating in 14 sports in 446 affiliated groups throughout the island of Ireland. These athletes are supported by their families and a team of 22,000 volunteers who give their time to help out at sporting and fundraising events.

In 2010, the numbers of athletes representing the five Special Olympics Regions in Ireland were:

Connaught 257
Eastern Region 524
Leinster 373
Ulster 323

The 1858 athletes took part in fourteen different sports from Aquatics, and Athletics to Kayaking and even Table Tennis.  Equitation is one of those fourteen sports and there were around 49 Equitation Athletes all of whom have come through both Area and then Regional competitions in order to qualify for Limerick.  For anyone like Sarah to do all that and then with Gold is very special.


The Harkin family bought Harvey and Ivan from Rose Cottage some time ago now but still maintain their connexions with us.  Here are some pictures of the two in their field at the Harkin's home in May 2010.  Don't they look wonderfully cared for?  Harvey is a Clydesdale and was 16.3hh when measured in the early summer of 2010.


Santa even came to Rose Cottage Riding School this year, on the 19th December in fact and it was cold!!  Hover your mouse over a picture to read its caption and click on these thumbnail pictures for a bigger version.

Miriam Ward took some pictures of the Halloween Games at Rose Cottage this year and here they are. Miriam says,


"Katie asked me [to say that] I have put on some Halloween photos which she said you can uplift. Thanks.". 


Halloween 2009 was a good excuse to have some fun.  Not the best of weather (you must agree!) but despite that, a large number of riders managed to dress up and take part in several games.  Have a look at these pics; all courtesy of Chloe (thank you Chloe); and many taken in very poor conditions and especially in poor light too.  We open with an example of the detailed planning that went into this event (!) and then follow with our selection of shots starting with some of the games and the costumes.  Mixed in with them are some of the Rose Cottage horses themselves as seen during October. We hope you enjoy them.


In August the Sloan family came to visit us whilst they were on holiday in Donegal.  Their daughter Kathryn really enjoyed herself and took part in more than one activity when she was with us.  Mother Jeni even said they might be back at Rose Cottage again.  We hope they will come again too. Jeni sent us this message with the pictures.

  Hi Katie, At long last I'm getting around to sending you some pics of Kathryn at your stables in Aug 09. She loved the hacking and loved the Pony Day even more. Thank you for making her holiday so special and should we return to Malin, she will definitely be back.

All set?

Katie comes over to us from Nottingham quite frequently and she was here on her birthday at the end of July so a beach ride was arranged.  Have a look at these pictures to see everyone getting themselves and their horses ready, making a careful line riding out of the gate and down the road with carefully placed front and back marker riders for safety and as a look out even though there's little or no traffic and then the usual 'free for all' on the beach! Everyone had such a good time.

We had a wedding near here the other day!  Danny and Evelyn were getting married but Danny chose to arrive at the church on a white steed!  He chose our Lee.  However getting Lee WHITE was not the easiest of jobs as you might imagine.  Ashleigh, Scarlett and Jazz worked so hard hard bathing her the night before and then Ashleigh did her again before they left! But see for yourself, didn't they do a fantastic job?  We have never seen Lee look so smart!

Here you can see Ashleigh and a truly 'sparkling' Lee ready to head off to meet the groom, then Danny nearing the chapel and finally Danny joining his best man and the ushers at the church! Click on any thumbnail to see a larger picture below.

Rose Cottage Riding School wish Danny and Evelyn Ruddy the very best for their life together and were delighted to see Lee taking Danny to the chapel in such style..


Ashleigh on a 'sparkling' Lee ready to head off to meet the Groom!

And here's a video of Danny arriving and the 'crowds' that were awaiting him!


The Harbinson family visited us twice in the last week of July whilst in the area on holiday.  They would like to come again too.  Mother, Erin writes

  I rode Lee on the beach ride last Monday and went for a hack on her on Thursday last week. This is a message to thank you and your girls for two fabulous rides while we were on holidays. My stepfather took a few pictures; I thought you'd like them. The bay horse coming down the rocks we presume is one of yours as he was right next to the stables, and the other is from our hack out on Thursday. I would love to come again next year. Thank you for giving me back my old spark for the love of horses and the incentive to start riding again regularly! All the best to you and your team.

Oh, and Erin is right, the pictured bay horse is one of hours, it's our Cagney!


The Harbinson family out on a ride

The McIlwaine family came to us for a riding lesson when they when were in Donegal in June and they had such a good time that they'd like to come again!  Mr McIlwaine says:

  Hi Kate, Please find attached a few snaps from the riding lesson we had when we were in Donegal. We are thinking about a few days in the area in August. We would like a short break again.

The McIlwaine family on the beach at Rose Cottage!

Rachel came for a ride on the lovely sands of Trawbreaga Bay in mid March 2009.  She went out on Emma and our Assistant Instructor Sam accompanied her.  Rachel had not ridden for ages so, on their return, Sam took a picture of her wearing her wonderful boots!   Emma seems to have found it funny!  Rachel kindly sent us this message afterwards:


Thank you so much to you and your family for taking such good care of me at Rose Cottage on Friday.  The Bay Ride was just brilliant and  I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon, hopefully for a lesson this time.  I hope you like the photo, Sam did a great job :-)

On St. Patrick's Day we had a great St. Patrick's Games event here at Rose Cottage.  Here are the pictures of those who took part.  Click the left or right arrows to see all eleven thumbnails and then click on any thumbnail to see a larger image below.


Sam on Zuko, Philippa and Sarah. Amy riding George and Scarlett on Joey all with Rose Cottage's wonderful backdrop!

We are pleased to thank and acknowledge RT in using these stills from their video archive

Here's something to get the pulse racing at the start of a new season!  We're a bit out of sequence here because these shots were actually taken last June when Ireland's National Television broadcaster, RT One, came to Rose Cottage to film for their No Frontiers programme. It was only broadcast on 22nd February 2009 though - but it shows what competent riders can do when they come to us.
You can see the short video clip in full by going to http://www.rte.ie/travel/nofrontiers/index.html and selecting the edition dated 22 February 2009.  Once there, click on the Inishowen thumbnail to see the video - and marvel at the empty beaches of Donegal in June!  Why don't you come and try them for yourself?

This was a nice way to start the riding year.  A group of riders from Rose Cottage Riding School take a long ride on the beach in January.  In the picture below we see  (L-R front) Michaela, a visitor from Germany on Sarah and Ashleigh on Emma; then at the back again from the left we see Chloe on Miller, Emma on Crooked and Scarlett on Charm.

Annie and Drew McGinnis came for a ride on New Year's Eve.  They had a great time and sent us these three pictures afterwards.


Getting ready

2009  season's articles are on this page, for 2008 season's articles (and earlier) click here.

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