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[NB: Following expiry of its lease, Rose Cottage Riding School is closed until further notice and this website is no longer regularly maintained]

Our Pony Riders Group is a great success.  Designed to be both fun as well as educational for younger riders, it is aimed at and restricted to, those children who are regular riders at Rose Cottage Riding School and is held when there are sufficient numbers of interested younger riders.  The Pony Riders Group holds Pony Days and occasional stable management evenings during school terms, ridden rallies in the holidays and other special events.  These might include dressage, beach rides, jumping, treasure hunts, picnic rides and visits. We have set up this special web page to let you know about it, what we do and how our younger riders enjoy it.

Become a regular rider now if you'd like to be a member of the Rose Cottage Pony Riders' Group.

[If you have any photographs from Pony Riders' events which would be suitable for this page, do please pass them to Kate. We shall be happy to upload them here].

We have held Pony days on various dates throughout 2010 notably Wed 31st March and on 7th April 2010.  Contact Kate for more information about the Pony Group.

Our Pony Riders (with one or two others) held a 'Handy Pony'* Competition on the 26th August.  Handy Pony* competitions can take several forms - indeed it's good to vary them.  This time our test consisted of:

  ? Opening the school gate and closing it.
? Riding through narrow poles in a zig zag without the pony touching them.
? Walking over a large sheet of plastic (this was hilarious!!)
? Jump over a cross pole.
? Pick up a woolly hat from a cone and put it on a post.
? Take washing from a line, ride to the other side and peg it back on.
? Pick up a cup of water and bend through posts and back to replace it on the table (We had a few wet riders with this one!)
? Reverse through 2 poles.
? Take the hat back to the cone..

Just see how well they did it!


Ruth and Charm after picking up the cup of water



Pony riders:
1st Chloe and Miller
2nd Caolan and Lee
3rd Eimear and Lee
4th Scarlett and Joey
5th Ruth O'B and Charm
6th Eileen and George

Non Pony Riders:
1st Ashleigh and Emma
2nd Ruth C and Charm
3rd Rebekah and Lee
4th Rachael and Pippa
5th Jack and Charm


* Handy Pony (or Handy Horse) events represent a fun way to promote and show a well trained (ie 'Handy') pony or horse that can negotiate obstacles and is a pleasure to ride. Events or classes comprise a fun obstacle course designed to test rider agility and horse obedience and to introduce some elements of road safety (e.g. walking past pretend "road works") and hacking out (e.g. opening and closing a gate). They can be hilarious both to do and to watch!

The Pony Riders are practising dressage at the moment and they will be taking their "Preliminary 7" test shortly.  Here we see them in late July. After mounting up they went over to our outdoor arena where they first of all learned the route of the test at the walk and then tried it out for real.  To make this a real test for pony and rider alike, Kate placed poles inside the normal outside track of the schooling area and the riders were required to keep just inside those - with, it is fair to say, varying degrees of success!  That apart, everyone performed very well, even if there was a little chatting going on within groups of those who were in the corners waiting their turn...!

Have a look at these shots of some of the riders and of Kate showing them how it should be done...

Here two videos, one of some of the dressage lesson shown above and the other one of a horse rescued by the ILPH doing the very same test!


We held a pony day recently and these pictures are of a lesson that Jordan and Alison had whilst on holiday here.  Maeve rides here when up from Belfast and Candelaria rides with us weekly. After a bay ride here they and Alison booked a Pony Day.


On the 8th June we paid a visit to the Ballybrack Shetland Stud in Ballybrack, Greencastle.  Thomas Lake and Eddie Kelly once again made us all very welcome and we would like to thank them for another a super and highly informative visit. Here are three photographs taken at the time.  Aren't the Shetlands gorgeous? The children had a great time.



On the 25th May 2009 the Pony Riders visited our Vet, Anne Scott, where she gave a demonstration of how a mare is scanned to see if it is pregnant.  It was Eimear's Connemara that was being checked.  This mare already has a filly at foot - who came along with her 'Mum' - but this was a check to see if Mum was pregnant again and SHE IS!   Eimear was delighted at  the news.  Anne also explained to our members how to fat-score your horse and showed each of them how to do it.  After that a donkey was scanned and again was found to be in foal - though only after some trouble getting her into the stall.  After the end of the two hour visit - Anne was thanked for all her time with a suitable gift.   Here are a few photos of the event


Here is Mum and her filly come for the checkup

We've held our First Pony Group Event of 2009!  

The first Pony Group Event of 2009 was held at Rose Cottage on the 16th February 2009 at 1pm. 
If you are not already a Pony Group Member and would like to enrol a younger rider for future events please contact Katie on
  +353 (0) 876311676

On Friday the 8th August, 2008 we held the third of our Pony Group Dressage tests.  Here are some of the shots taken then, both of the competitors and one even of the judges - just to show how like the real thing we are!.  We think you'll agree that our Riders Group are coming along well!

Recently our Pony Riders Group started learning some dressage.  So much so that they have even been taking some individual tests! Early days yet of course and there is another dressage day coming up soon when we might have more, but these shots show the riders on the their tests already putting their knowledge to good use.

On Monday 23rd June, Rose Cottage Riding School's Pony Riders group took part in another field trip. This time our vet Anne Scott invited them to her practice in Carndonagh.
At first she scanned a mare to see if it was pregnant - sadly it was not - and explained what was on the screen to everyone. She then gave the children a talk on how to tell a horse's age just by looking at its teeth, she then asked the children to tell her the age of the horse......and most of them got it right too. To finish off Anne let the children have a go at 'marking' Zuko, this is the process of describing Zuko for his passport where all his distinguishing marks are recorded.
Whilst the children were there a sick puppy was brought in and Anne was good enough to let the children watch as she diagnosed and then treated it. Altogether a wonderful and very educational evening.  At the end all the children thanked Anne for a lovely time. Here are a few photos taken during the evening:

On Monday 9th June, Rose Cottage Riding School's Pony Riders group went on an evening trip to the 'Ballybrack Shetland Pony Stud' in nearby Greencastle, Co. Donegal, where the owners Thomas Lake and Eddie Kelly took the children on a tour of their facilities. Ballybrack is the home of Ireland's smallest registered pony, he is called Glenkee Pan, a 28" Dun stallion.

First off, Thomas took the children out to the fields to see some of their mares and their new foals, the foals were 6 - 8 weeks old then. Interestingly they have two stallions running in the fields with them. They are Night Like, who is a Chestnut and Zac (no photo of him here unfortunately) who is a Skewbald. The children had a grand time there but as you can imagine with 12 children in their field the mares were very nervous. Nevertheless and as you can see below, Caolan and Charlie did manage to coax some of them over to pet them.
Eddie then took the children up to the stud where he introduced them to Gunner and Tarzan who share a field, Gunner is a 16.1 Clydesdale cross and Tarzan is a 29" Shetland.  It's so funny to see them together.  He then took them on a tour of the stables where they saw Night Like and some of the other inmates ending here with Tarzan and finally he took them to see one of the carts and the tack they have as some of the Shetlands have been broken for driving.  The children all thanked Thomas and Eddie for a very interesting and enjoyable evening out. Here are a few pictures taken on the day.



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