Foals and Foaling


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We don't have births every year at
Rose Cottage (none in 2008 for example) but we've had two births in 2009
and we had
two births in 2007.  Have a look down here for information about them.

[NB The information and links to images given here may be duplicated on our Behind the Scenes page for that year.]


Births in 2009

Whisper has had her foal!  She finally gave birth on Saturday 20th June to a lovely dun filly.  Whisper's little Angel.  Here are nineteen shots to look at just a few of the pics taken at the time!  Isn't she looking good?  Mum and filly are doing well.  Whisper is Ashleigh's only pony so she's over the moon.


Mother and daughter enjoying a moment together..

On Saturday the 21st March 2009 Ellen's horse Clio who is kept at livery here at Rose Cottage Riding School finally gave birth to a little colt called Óisín  He is by our own stallion Woody.  Just have a look at these, the first pictures of the little chap.  Óisín is a Gaelic boy's name which is pronounced Osh-in in this part of Ireland. - watch this space for any more photos that we may get in due course.

Births in 2007

Music came first and then Patrick was born 6 weeks or so later, in June 2007

Just take a look at how they've come along since then.
First, here lower down on this page are eight stills of Patrick and Music taken during 2007 together with a few pictures of Domino in December since it coincided with a visit from her former owner - they all appear below on this page.
at the bottom of this page are links to five video clips of Domino and Patrick Junior when he was just two days old!

Patrick and Music were weaned on 19th November, 2007 and took to it excellently. 
Domino and Roxy - the two Mums - just apparently resumed eating.  No change there then!!

Kate thinks the foals may have just been keen to be out of the bad weather at that time; gale force winds from the North and accompanying rain were the order of the day then in Malin. Some pictures taken just before weaning have been added to the spread below.  Pictures of Patrick, Music after weaning together with some of the other two recent in-comer youngsters on the yard (Harvey and Ivan), were also taken in early December 2007. Those pictures are to be found on our Behind the Scenes pages. Click here to jump straight to that page of our web site, and to the section entitled Winter Approaches..  Some distant pictures of Patrick and Music as yearlings are at our 2008 Behind the Scenes Page and better close up pictures of them shortly after they passed their second birthday (in 2009) are on our Patrick and Music Page.

Just click on any thumbnail of interest for a larger version

From this.. Patrick at one hour old!

Leaning on Mum for support - or might it be for comfort because he could probably hear her heartbeat... Whatever, it's a lovely photo.

Patrick two days old

Mum keeps him away from these nosey humans!

Patrick two days old

Patrick two days old

Getting a little closer!

Patrick two days old

Domino consents to an interview with her former owner at last - but says he's mine!!

Patrick two days old

Starting to take an interest away from Mum - well, just!

Patrick two days old

Well, I think I'll just stay here!

Patrick two days old.

I'm copying Mum and keeping a look out!

To this.. Patrick at 6 weeks

No more hiding under Mum now!

Who, me?

At six weeks, getting to be a lttle bruiser...

Singing from the same hymn sheet..?

Patrick (on 21st Aug & now 11 weeks old), Domino and Music all getting down to some serious eating...

Patrick, a shot taken just before weaning.

Here's Patrick with Domino in mid November 2007. All togged out in their winter coats!

Patrick with Mum again, November 2007

Just about ready for the big wide world...

Patrick now looking more independent....

....and gorgeous!

Music taken at the same time in November 2007

Also nearly ready for weaning...

Domino spies her former owner

Back to see her again after about six months.

Come on then, where are the carrots?

Domino's memory doesn't falter!

Bye - see you again soon

Domino came to Rose Cottage in August 2005 having lived for nearly 10 years in Hertfordshire with one owner all that time. If you are interested, you can see a little more about her early life by visiting her former owner's web site which is at .  This web page is a recent transfer to the new domain and is not yet (June 2009) up to standard - please forgive that!

Now for the videos below.. Just click on the arrow in the centre of the image and you will be linked to YouTube for the video to load.
If you experience problems it may be a bit slow to connect
(in which case wait a little), that you have Javascripting turned off (in which case turn it on in your IE7 browser under Tools/Internet Options/Security tab/Custom Level/Scripting), or that you do not have the latest Flash player installed.

Scroll down to have a look at all five videos! here to go back to our photo gallery...

1. Patrick, at two days old, running rings round his Mum ...

2. Having a rest...

3. Together!

4. Next morning...

5. Let's find some better grass..


Did you know?


That even though we might keep records of their actual birthdays, some breeds, like Thoroughbreds and some other Registered breeds, are considered to have the same official birthday?  This makes it easier for keeping racing, breeding and showing records.

In the Northern Hemisphere, where Rose Cottage Riding School is located, their birthday is January 1st.

In the Southern Hemisphere, eg in Australia and New Zealand, horses have their birthday on August the 1st.


Myth or what?  If a statue in the park of a war hero on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in the air the person was wounded in battle. If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.  There are some different versions of this including that if the statue shows the rider standing by his horse then the horse died too.  Some say it's all a myth but it applies to some of the statues erected in America after the battle of Gettysburg and it applies to the statue to the 3rd Marquis of Londonderry in the market square in Durham who was wounded at the battle of Kulm in 1813.  Anyone know of others where it applies?



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