The Rose Cottage Photograph Gallery
[NB: Following expiry of its lease, Rose Cottage Riding School is closed until further notice and this website is no longer regularly maintained]

Here you can see some photographs of our animals, our customers, our lessons and some of our successes too. 
Just click on any ones of interest to see an enlarged image.
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This is Rose Cottage itself...

Here we are...

Our name plate!

You've arrived!

Welcome to Rose Cottage Riding School.

Have a look around...

Our little garden...

Tranquility !

The house...

The view from the garden...

The garden again

We are AIRE registered, an Inspected and Approved irish Riding Establishment.

This is Hamlet (left) and Faith.

After an accident in her youth, Faith has only one eye. That didn't stop her though, she is Cooper's Mum.

Good friends Hamlet and Faith again.

This is Miller, Chloe's favourite!

Here's a lovely painting of two of our horses - it's by Shannon

I'm Patrick and I'm cute! Born 8am, 3rd June 2007 to Domino.

Photo taken at two days old! Two years old now and, let's face it, not quite as cute as this, you can see more of him on other pages of this site

Patrick with Domino

Mother and two day old son in characteristic pose!

Hello Music

Born six weeks before Patrick, here with her mother Roxy at the back.

Just some of our horses

Here eating... drinking and socialising


The smaller league. Pickles is a Shetland

We have some donkeys here too

This is Blackie...

...and now meet Ballynally!

Everybody ready?

A lesson is starting

Our outdoor school.

Have a lesson right by the sea!

A lesson in the sunshine...

First time riders try Western tack!

Ben & Luke on school ponies Miller & Lee.

Here they go..

Two cowboys..

Luke on Lee

Lee was given to the school by Paula Taylor of Dunstable.

...all watched over by Katie of course

Lessons over...

Enjoying a canter down Trawbreaga Bay

And back again...

The beach is only minutes from us

Mind you...<g>

As Shannon found when riding Echo at the back of a beach ride you can get a bit dirty!

Riders returning from a hack led by Valco.

Valco (left) and Zuko

Relaxing after work by doing some mutual grooming

Phew! still under 14.2hh!!

Imogen Gallagher measuring Crooked, a 3yr old pony with Cruising bloodlines.

Rose Cottage went to the 2007 Clonmany Agricultural Show

Here's Kate showing her horse Whisper in the 'Mountain and Moorland Section'.

Rose Cottage at the Clonmany Agricultural Show 2007

Kate and Whisper being judged. She won Second Prize!!!

Cooper and Hope at home and wanting attention...

Zuko looking cute while waiting for the vet to come over.

Our clever horses...

Domino can even tell us what she thinks of us ;)

What's this?

Two new customers desperate for a lesson? Well, perhaps not!

Ashleigh McDermott came second at Greenacres Equestrian Centre, riding Whisper

March 2008

Ready for the competition, Greenacres Lodge Equestrian Centre 2008

Ashleigh (who came 2nd on Whisper) and Scarlett (who came 5th on Joey)

Ivan and Harvey testing the quality of carrots

May 2008

Ivan just about tolerating being groomed!

May 2008

Oh Ivan!!

May 2008

I think I might get to like this...

Harvey, coming up for one year old, enjoying a grooming from his owner Diane. May 2008

Harvey looking gorgeous!

May 2008

Connor McDermott attending to Zuko

Bayleaf and Kate sunbathing

Bella English with her pony Billy.

Wow, you can see right to the bottom with these new snorkels...

The men go fishing whilst waiting for the women

Adam and Aaron fishing for golf balls

I've had enough of this mucking out!

Aaron having a break!

Adam and his girlfriend Ashleigh

Ashleigh and Katie, caught looking out from Rose Cottage at the splendid view!

Checking in at a dressage day

Three of our helpers discussing things at the end of a dressage day


Caroline jumping Star

Connor (here aged 8) riding Valco (17hh)!

Valco on holiday in Bundoran!

Little people grooming Valco



This is Kate, a very special mare. Rose Cottage's owner Kate McDermott says:

"She's a yearling in this picture, bred by a very close friend, Gabriel Roddy, out of his piebald mare Gipsy and our stallion Malin Warrior. He named her Kate, after me. He was so proud of her; she was his first filly in four years. We acquired her after Gabriel's death in June 2006".


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