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[NB: Following expiry of its lease, Rose Cottage Riding School is closed until further notice and this website is no longer regularly maintained]

Rose Cottage Riding School's Jumping Days

On this page we show some of the pictures taken of those taking part in some of our jumping days.
These are held in our wonderful outdoor school with its gorgeous views of Trawbreaga Bay.


Easter 2009 - Another Jumping Day at Rose Cottage

Over the Easter weekend of 9-13th April 2009 we held another of our Jumping days.  The pictures below show some shots of those taking part in the Open Class.  In these pictures the bay horse is Barney here being ridden by Immy, the chestnut is Valco being ridden by Sam(antha), then the coloured horse and rider are Zuko and Chloe, the 'red and white' pair are Sarah with Eimear on board, the dark grey pair are Joey and Scarlett and last, but certainly not least, the Grey is Lee being ridden by Ashleigh.

The winner was Ashleigh, second was Samantha, 3rd was Immy, 4th was Eimear and 6th was Chloe.


Our August Jumping Day - 8th August 2008

We had another of our regular jumping days in August and had a great time.  Franziska and Michaela were both here on holiday from Germany and joined us on the day.  The winner of our 'Masters Class' though was Eimear O'Brien riding her own pony Alice. She was the only one to get a clear round in that class. Just have a look at some of these pictures.

Watch out Aobh! George doesn't like this one...

Eimear on Alice makes it look easy

Eimear was the eventual winner of our Master Class!

Caolan on Teazle

Aobh on George.

Franziska on Teazle

Jasmine riding Roxy

Jasmine thanking Roxy!

Michaela on Sarah

Caolan on Teazle with his rosette

Shannon, Chloe and Bella in the tack room

Our spectators!

Anne, Bella, Aaron, Kirsty and Scarlett giving encouragement.

Adam being carried back by his mum Lisa after watching the Masters' Class

May Day Bank Holiday Jumping Day - 5th May 2008


Ashleigh jumping Crooked over one of the fences

Bella English on Billy

Caolan Doherty riding Miller

Chloe Brophy makes it look easy on Bailey

Eimear O'Brien coaxing Alice over the jump

Nicole McColgan on Echo

Rachael O'Donnell riding Pippa

Rachel O'Donnell on Pippa

Scarlett Harkin riding her own horse Joey

Shannon Doherty on Echo

Bailey having a laugh with Chloe at the end

Here are all the Rosette winners!

End of the day...

Sunset over Rose Cottage


2nd September 2007.

Here are some pictures taken of the earlier - 'smaller' - rounds at a Rose Cottage Riding School jumping day last year.

Scarlett on Joey

Caolan on George

Shauna on Emma

Imogen on Barney 16hh. She only got him the day before!

Emma on Tabs

Eimear on Charm

Bella on Rosie

Candeleria on George

Candeleria on George (again!)

Michael (Candi's 'new to riding' father) on Tabs

Charlie on Emma

Charlie on Emma (again!)

Chloe on Teezle

Aoife McGlynn on Betty Boo, winner of the Chase-me-Charlie. Aoife jumped 1.1m !!


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