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Behind the scenes (2010 & 2011) at Rose Cottage Riding School ... Or, 'Seeing our kitchen before you dine'!

Behind the scenes at any riding school there's always a lot going on that visitors and customers don't or cannot, ordinarily see. We buy, bring on and sell animals as well as buying and developing those we use in the school. Whatever though, the animals' welfare is a priority for us of course, whether they're our working horses, ponies, stallions, donkeys or our dogs. On this, our page devoted to the 2010 & 2011 seasons, (and in our separate 2007, 2008 and 2009 season pages - see links below) we highlight, usually with a few photographs, the day to day things that take place here, whether they be happy or sad, news about our animals and even show you some of our people and animals that you, the ordinary visitor, perhaps do not get to see.

To speed up the time to open this page we have split all of our Behind the Scenes reporting into annual archives roughly based on the each year's riding season. This season's Behind the Scenes articles are on this page, scroll down to the end for links to see earlier seasons' articles.

Few other riding schools will show you all this, we hope you enjoy "Seeing our 'kitchen' before you dine"! The order on all of the pages is oldest at the bottom, newest at the top...

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Our dogs are Behind the Scenes too and they now have their own page. See Mia being shown and Gazza, our new Tri colour Merle Border Collie...All here

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July 2014 We are sorry to report that Domino was found dead in her field on Thursday 10th July 2014.  She was 23. It is thought that she must have had a heart attack - though we shall probably never know.
When the Rose Cottage Riding School in Malin town closed on the expiry of their lease, Domino went to the (fairly) nearby stables of Dunlewey Trekking in County Donegal. It was there that she died.
Whatever, she clearly had a great time in Ireland - always grazing in fields with sea views! Not only that but she managed to take control of her life at the Malin yard and, if I know my Domino, I am sure she will have done the same at Dunlewey!  If we get more information we shall publish it here.

A great life. RIP Domino, a real sweetie pie.

June 2011. A lot has happened now that our lease on Rose Cottage has expired.  Our horses, donkeys and dogs have been moved to the new farm - all that is except a few who have been housed on separate land nearby.  One of these is arch field-escaper Domino!  She usually over winters in a nearby part of Inishowen in what has been considered until now to be an escape-proof field.  She has horses close by to 'talk to' and is checked regularly through the day by the land owner and by others who live in properties close by and by us too on a regular basis. This year has been no exception other than the fact that her riding school services haven't been required so far. Consequently, she is only now being moved to her summer 'quarters' with Kate.  We went to see her only to find that despite the excellent grass and enormous space available to her she had nevertheless managed to escape and was four fields away on someone else's land...!  The photos below show her field and its river - and with a suspiciously angled fence... Other pics show Domino being led back and then, recognising her former owner and demanding the treats that she knows he always brings.  Doesn't she look in good condition for a twenty year old - and not groomed here either?  The Irish grass suits her very well.  And how about the views?


April 2011- how time flies!  Here we are with some nice pictures taken around the fields and the odd one from a little time ago because we like them!.


Some Winter pics from Rose Cottage.  Here are some new pictures from Chloe's collection.  They have been taken over the 2010-2011 Winter. Enjoy!!



Winter is really upon us at the moment. Just to show you how it was in November and now in December here are a few pictures taken by Chloe and Diane.  The latest snow is calf deep already and we've now not been able to ride three weekends out of four...

It's time we showed a few photos of Autumn at Rose Cottage. Here are some taken by Chloe during October.  See how many you can recognise..



Here are some lovely summer shots of a few our horses enjoying themselves...  Chloe took these pictures for us in late June and early July. 

Don't our donkeys work hard?  Well, No, they don't actually!; they just have a good time.  Here are some pictures of them taken in the summer of 2010. Thanks to Chloe for these.


Here's an update on Domino!  Here are some pictures taken in June 2010 when she was 19.  Perhaps a little greyer than before but still sleek and still with an undiminished appetite for carrots, apples and Extra Strong Mints... Domino is the dam of Patrick who was aged 3 in June 2010.


Up at the Malin Head Field are some of our youngsters.  Here we have Hope, Cooper, Kate, Music, Patrick and Bayleaf.  See them here playing together. See if you can spot Patrick rescuing Music from the rest!  Thanks to Chloe for this cellphone clip.

Spring excitement at Rose Cottage! Here's a lovely clip!  It's common practice in Ireland to keep most horses in over the winter.  This is because the availability of grass in the winter months is so limited that if the horses were kept and fed outside the land would become so poached by the horses' hooves that the arrival of the spring grass would be badly delayed.  Not all of Rose Cottage's horses are kept in (Domino and Patrick are examples of those who fare better outside) but most are.  When the horses are allowed out first time they get so excited that it has to be done carefully in a small arena.  Take a look at this cell phone clip showing Chino and Zuko as they were let loose this spring!  Apologies for the limited quality but it's not always possible to have the best video equipment available at such moments!!

Coco is settling in! These pictures of our donkeys show just how well our latest arrival is settling into life at Rose Cottage.

Knikki starts his training! Visitors to this page will recall Knikki who arrived here to be backed and brought on in May last year for a subsequent owner.  There are a few entries about his arrival and early life with us on our Behind the Scenes 2009.  Chloe lunged him, got him used to a saddle and then first backed him last year. Now he's starting his training proper and Chloe's taken charge of things again.  First here are some stills taken of Knikki going through his paces in April 2010.  Then there is a clip of Chloe trotting and then cantering him - all in our outdoor mančge.  Isn't he handsome and hasn't Chloe really brought out a lot in him already?  Visitors to Rose Cottage won't ordinarily see all that goes on to make sure that we have just the horse for you.



As readers may have read in our News page, we recently lost one of our elderly donkeys, Pepsi.  She died in her sleep and her long-time friend Ballynally was clearly very upset.  However, in next to no time we managed to find a wee donkey and in time for Connor's birthday too. She is Coco, 4 years old and very sweet.  Donkeys are well known for their pairing up and Ballynally was so upset that we needed a friend quickly!!! Coco and she are getting along nicely and Bally is keeping Coco in her place so that's a good sign that things will work out.  We'll try and keep you posted on developments!

Here are some shots of the horses who have been overwintering in a field some distance away from Rose Cottage and getting to know each other whilst they are at it...  Domino is Patrick's dam. Just look at the scenic views these animals have from their field!

Remember Harvey and little Ivan?  Harvey is a Clydesdale youngster and Ivan a donkey.  They came to us a few years back but moved to Diane and her husband shortly afterwards.  It's not often that one can keep in touch with horses after they are sold on but we caught a glimpse of them the other day.  Two small (not expandable) shots of Ivan the Terrible and Handsome Harvey here, pictures courtesy of Chloe Brophy.  [Note added June 2010:  Harvey was measured recently and is now (June 2010) 16:3hh and he's only three!! Ivan is much as he was!!]


Here's Easter!  No not the season, the horse!  We've not mentioned her on here before so it's right that we do so now!  Easter is now (2010) aged no less than 32 years old and is a registered Connemara mare. Except for a bit of stiffness when very cold she is doing well and eats like a young pony!!  The dentist recently said her teeth were like a teenager's! She is grandma to Oisin and Angel.

Say Hello to Levi This is Dan's new horse. She's a Warmblood, an ex-Irish Sport horse.  Dan is going to break her to riding then get her schooled!  Levi was bought totally untouched last year as a 3yo.  She was a bit of a struggle at first.  It took us 2 hours to get her to move just 10 feet into her new stable!  But, she quickly settled in and is now a sweet lady who will start her education in the next few weeks. Levi is already totally devoted to Danny and they have a really good relationship as you can see. Her full name is Red Lady Levi as her father is Red Harvey Rose. Doesn't she look nice?

Here are some more wintery pictures of Patrick and friends taken in January 2010 in the Malin Head overwintering field.  The set here includes two distant shots of his Mum, Domino and a few that we have seen or taken before but which are collected here for completeness. Patrick's turning into quite a nice looking boy after seeming a little out of proportion when he was younger and is he much more friendly that he was, even now approaching humans without running away*.  Whether he has yet acquired his Mum's passion for mints, carrots and apples is not yet clear. Thanks to Chloe for these phone-cam pictures. 

* You can see a short video clip of how he was last year on our Patrick and Music page.  Then he would come up, interested but then immediately turn away

Not necessarily in any sort of chronological sequence but to mark Kate's February birthday (!) here we show a few of her own pictures taken recently - though not necessarily in 2010.


Chloe's February Pictures!  Here are some of the pictures that Chloe took around the yard in February.  Thanks Chloe. The season is really starting now and it's lovely to ride in the early part of the year.

Rebecca took these recent horsy pictures.  Thanks Rebekah.  Here, for example, are the first pics received for the web site of Zeva Zeva is Chino's full sister, we got her as Chino is such a great wee man with a great temperament and full of cheek!! When Zeva's former owner rang to say he was selling her we went up and bought her unseen.. They are really alike though Zeva is very pretty and ladylike. We're looking forward to showing them both this year in coloureds and young stock classes.  As well as Zeva we have a few other pictures from Rebekah's collection which show a bit more of of the life Behind the Scenes at Rose Cottage Riding School..

November to January is the quiet season for Rose Cottage Riding School and the weather can often be difficult.  Nevertheless we sometimes get the chance to take a few shots of the horses.  Here are a few from before Christmas 2009 through to January 2010.

Want to see our earlier entries?  Our 2007, 2008 and 2009 season snippets of Behind the Scenes have been moved to their own page in order to make this part of our site quicker to load and therefore easier to view by those with slower Internet connexions. But, clicking on the 2009 link below you can still see:

The quiet season
Domino back with Patrick
Our 'overworked' donkeys!
Bailey and Jacob (Jake)
Alice and her foal Rosie
Valco enjoying himself
Hamlet in the field
Domino has a visitor
Patrick and Music aged two!
Harvey at the gate
Knikki and Biggles being tacked up the first time
Domino in the sun
Whisper has her foal - Angel!
More of
Knikki and Ben
Hamlet's 'funny turn'
Say Hello to Knikki and Sonny.
The dentist calls...
Clio has her foal Óisín
The sad news of Mario's death
Zuko and Chino taking exercise
Domino arriving at her ovewintering accommodation

and of course even more by going to the 2008 or 2007 archives!

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